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Publication date May, 2014








The new boy at school is a liar, and maybe a thief. He sure makes life interesting.

But can Ella trust him?

Soon enough, a few lies count for nothing. When the worst tornado in history strikes, the question is – who will survive?


Ice Storm Hi Res


The ice had brought down all the hydro lines. There was no heat, no light, no power and no phones. Mrs. Hartley was sick and Alice’s dad was gone.

“Sophie, I wish you were here. I’m so afraid.”





When a sixty foot wave comes roaring in from the sea, twelve year old Murphy has just seconds to respond. Can he save his aunt and his cousins?

Can he save himself?



graveyard 300dpi


Nell lives in a lighthouse on Canada’s spectacular west coast. One night, during a terrifying storm, Nell sees a ship headed for the deadly rocks. The telegraph lines are down and her father is away. Nell is the sailors’ only hope.  Will she be able to save them?



peril 300dpi


Two young teens, Jack Gordon and Henry Addison, meet when the Great Lakes cruise ship, the S.S. Noronic, docks in Toronto in the summer of 1949, just before the ship catches fire – with Henry on board.



terror 300dp1


Nathalie lay awake, listening for the train whistle that will bring her cousin Helena to visit. But instead of the whistle, Nathalie hears a terrible roar as turtle Mountain breaks apart, sending 90 million tons of rock into her valley.


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